Selling Your Home?

Make your sale go smooth. Listed are a few steps to know if your selling your property…

  • Step 1: INSPECTION

The Village requires that the property pass an inspection. Inspections are done by appointment only and should be scheduled as soon as the property is put on the market. IFees must be paid prior to inspection. The following fees apply:


Single Family Home $50.00 Four Units $200.00
Two Flat $100.00 Six Units $600.00
Three Flat $150.00    
Commercial properties fees vary depending on the square footage. $75 for a building of up to 2,000 SF, $25 for each additional 2,000 SF.



All violations must be corrected within an allotted amount of time and then re-inspected, prior to approval of Inspection Certificate. Escrow and amounts are solely up to the discretion of the Building Inspector. An agreement must be signed between the seller and buyer. Funds accepted are certified, cashiers check, money order. No personal checks accepted. There is a separate, non-refundable $100 administrative fee. Agreement signing is by appointment only. Providing necessary details, in a timely manner, to execute an agreement, is the responsibility of the seller, buyer or representative thereof.


48 hours prior to closing a final water reading will be required. After which a final water bill will be determined, due and paid separately at Closing.


To obtain a transfer stamp, an executed, original, Illinois Declaration Form and originally executed deed, are required, as stamps are affixed to deed. Cost of the stamp is $2.00 per $500. Please be advised that if there are charges due from the property owner(s), in regards to fines, fees, invoices, liens and other outstanding debt, due to water and sewer charges, building code fines, burglar alarm fees, fire alarm fees, property maintenance invoices, and liens due the village with respect to the subject property, or any other assessments, fines, or other penalties, no transfer stamp will be issued. The stamp and final water bill must be paid in either, cash, money order or cashier check. Personal check will not be accepted. This transaction is done at closing by appointment.


Once a solid closing date has been determined, an appointment is required. During the appointment, stamps will be issued, agreements may be signed and final payments will be due. Personal checks are NOT accepted for closings. Cashiers check, certified funds or money orders, are acceptable forms of payment.