Get Informed

Partner with us to build a safer community throughout the Village of Stone Park. Learn here about issues that affect your children, your loved ones and yourself. Knowledge is power so GET INFORMED! Read on about these most current topics the department has to offer.


Gangs have been adversely affecting the quality of life within our communities through their violence, drug dealing and other criminal activities. The lack of quality information and the misinformation that is available to the public greatly increases the gangs ability to succeed in their criminal endeavors and to recruit our children into the gangster lifestyle.

What You Can Do

Talk to the child or teenager and discuss the consequences of being in a gang
Talk to school officials and counselors inquiring if they are aware of campus problems and if there are any school programs that might help
Contact government agencies such as your local law enforcement agency or juvenile authority.
Seek advice from religious leaders. They may know of programs that help neighborhood children stay out of gangs
Report and immediately remove any graffiti in your neighborhood or local school grounds. The longer it remains, the more it attracts gang members
Take action this is the most important step you can take as an individual, a group or an organization. Do not ignore the signs of gang activity.

For More Information: Visit a Parents Guide to Gangs at