Board of Trustees


Trustee Thomas Godfrey

  • 45 year resident of Stone Park
  • The longest serving trustee in Stone Park History
  • 32 years as a trustee
  • Served 11 years in the United States Army
  • Chairperson of the License Committee
  • Co-Chair of the Finance Committee
  • wants to continue working hard for the Village of Stone Park for another 4 years.


Trustee Joseph Burdi

  • Involved in Stone Park for the past 25 years
  • Resident for 30 years
  • Chairperson of the Police and Fire Committee
  • Former Director of Transportation for the local school district
  • A Vietnam Veteran
  • Wants to continue his service in Stone Park as a Village Trustee


Trustee Loretta Teets

  • 26 Year Resident of Stone Park, mother of 3 and grandmother of 4
  • Village Trustee for 11 years
  • Chairperson, Stone Park Building & Grounds Committee
  • Member of Special Events Committee
  • Editor of Stone Park Sentinel
  • Member of O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission
  • Graduated West Virginia Career College


Trustee Marco Paz

  • Resident of Stone Park for 28 years
  • Local business owner
  • Chairperson of the Health & Welfare Committee
  • Co-Chair of the Special Events Committee
  • Previously served as a Police & Fire Commissioner
  • represents Stone Park as a member of te O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission
  • Asks for your support so he can continue to serve the Village of Stone Park and continue the progress


Trsutee Laura Cassidy – Jaquez

  • Stone Park Resident for 19 years, mother of 2, grandmother of 1
  • Elected Village Trustee for 3 years
  • Appointed Trustee for 1 year
  • Chairperson of Finance
  • Project Manager for a leading national telecommunications company
  • Former Chair for Zoning Board
  • Former Fire & Police Commissioner
  • Member- Stone Park Special Events
  • Attended Triton College


Trustee Marco A. Gutierrez

  • 16 year Stone Park Resident
  • Village Trustee for 3 years
  • Chairman of Youth & Senior Committee
  • Born in the State of Jalisco, Mexico and became a U.S. Citizen in 2001
  • Local businessman
  • Fluent in Spanish & English
  • Former member – Stone Park Zoning Board
  • Member – Stone Park Special Events Committee
  • Former Soccer Coach
  • Triton College graduate – Architecture