Stone Park Police Department Welcomes Two New Editions!

February 21, 2012

As chief of the Stone Park Police, I am challenged daily to find ways to provide the best possible services to the public in the most cost-effective ways.  Last January, it became apparent that our officers could be more effective on the street, especially in the area of drug suppression, by having a trained police dog to help them.  Despite support from Mayor Mazulla and the Village Board, there was no money available to purchase a canine for our department. Our last K9 Rocky Belgian Malinois retired in 2005.

All was not lost, however, because the members of our community stepped up to help.  Once I spread the word about what we needed, donations started pouring in from business owners, friends, and others who wanted to help make our community safer.  This gave me the green light to find and negotiate a good deal for a German Shepherd provided by Custom Canine Unlimited, Owner AJ Vargas in Maysville, Georgia, at no cost to the village.

Last month, Officer Francesco Capece and I went to Georgia to get the dog and receive training as K9 handlers.  While there, we were introduced to another excellent police dog who clicked with Officer Capece right away.  We negotiated the purchase of this second animal and received the training at no additional cost.  We earned certifications from Custom Canine Unlimited as K9 handlers and as teams with our new partners.

K9 Della is a 26-month-old female German Shepherd, and K9 Semmy is a 32-month-old Belgian Malinois.  Both dogs are trained as dual-purpose service dogs, meaning that they can detect narcotics as well as track people.  They will be able to help search an area or building for drugs or hidden suspects, protect their handlers, and help find lost children or senior citizens.

We are very pleased to have this new resource available to serve the Village of Stone Park.  In addition, we have also offered our dogs for service to neighboring departments in the West Suburban Chiefs of Police Association, if they ever need assistance all they need to do is contact the Norcomm 911 Dispatch Center at (708) 344-2134 or (847) 451-8000.

Thank you to everyone who contributed funds to make it possible for us to bring on our two canine officers.  We deeply appreciate your support.

In service,

Chief Giuseppe Capece
Stone Park Police Department
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